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ΠRØBEMOΣ ColloquiumEst. November 2014.


Informally oriented Seminar in which IMAC members and visitors will discuss mathematical questions from a general point of view, aimed to an audience of general mathematicians.


ANCE i sistemes forçats quasi-periòdicament en el cilindre.
Date: 15 March

El método de Newton como sistema dinámico complejo (Minicourse).
Date: 24-25 March

Algebraic Dynamics: entropy on locally compact Abelian groups.
Date: 4 April

Cálculo efectivo de soluciones casi-periódicas.
Date: 13 April

Finales primos y dinámica (Minicourse).
Date: 12-13 May

Sistemas discretos no autónomos: historia y resultados recientes.
Date: 27 May

Some ingredients of linear chaos.
Date: 2 June

Algebraic foliations and dicritical divisors.
Date: 21 June

Date: September

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