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CDRM-GB intends to be a living center, growing day by day, adding (to the initial COREM resources) any contribution to the Didactics of Mathematics placed within the frame of the Theory of Didactical Situacions, if the author is willing to share.

Which resources can be added?
Contribution of several types:COREM
  • Open acces publications: graduate theses, articles, books, congress proceedings, etc.
  • Restricted access publications: conferences, courses, communications, talks and unpublished materials, or published with short number of copies and low dissemination.
  • Observations and learning materials (lessons, lecture planning, etc.) done in Michelet schools, by teachers and other COREM members (even invited), etc.
  • And all those resources elaborated, starting from the experimental device of observation that Michelet schools and the Theory of Situations contributed to COREM, whose authors are willing to share with CRDM.
Which is the format?
Contributed resources may have several formats: paper, digital support or shared access (link) to servers where resources may be lodged.

How to do it?
According to the proposal offered by the researcher providing resources, the committee shall decide on the type of access and consultation of the contribution:
  • Open access, in the rooms of the Library of UJI, and online if the support allows
  • Limited access, only to researchers showing a research project related to the resources, and following the agreement that CRDM-GB has established.


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